TTI is developing innovative solutions for large scientific facilities, in particular for particle accelerators applications. TTI is mainly working in two different R&D areas: Solid State Power Amplifiers and RF Passive devices.
In the area of solid state power amplifiers for scientific applications, TTI is working on the combination of several state-of-the-art single modules to produce a power amplifier based on LDMOS solid state technology up to tens of kWs and covering a wide range of frequencies, from 70 MHz up to 500 MHz.

In the area of RF passive devices the main activities of TTI concern:

  • Development of waveguide components for particle accelerators for multi megawatts applications in ultra-high vacuum conditions at different working frequencies (S, C, and X Band)
  • Coaxial high power coupler for RF cavities
  • High power test-box RF cavities for coupler RF conditioning (Capacitive and Inductive type)
  • Coaxial power combiner