TTI is an SME that works in the technological forefronts of space, military, telecommunications, science, and information technology sectors. It was founded in 1996 entirely with national private capital and comprises an expanding team of more than 100 highly qualified engineers who come from the European Space Agency (ESA), different R&D institutions and the University of Cantabria.

TTI Norte headquarters logo located in Santander. Technology, telecommunications and informationTTI works in the radiofrequency and antenna technology fields developing advanced products (detailed design, prototype components and equipments, testing and validation) for its later mass production, as well as integrating complex communication systems, providing turnkey solutions. TTI has among its customers important national and international technology corporations. TTI has carried out an ambitious R&D program to develop new products and services for its customers, teaming R&D activities with the most prestigious national and European organizations. A well-equipped facilities base allows TTI to undertake the design, fabrication and integration of communication equipments, meeting aggressive deadlines while delivering high quality products.

TTI has as one of its mainstays the continuous improvement of its quality practices, focused on optimizing internal processes and assuring that the products delivered comply with the performance and reliability required by our customers. TTI´s Quality Management System is certificated according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.