TTI develops advanced products (detailed design, prototype components and equipments, full tests and validation) for its later mass production and integrates complex communication systems, providing turnkey solutions to its customers.

TTI provides engineering solutions in the following areas:


Design and customized development of antennas and SOTM systems based on customer´s requirements or on own specifications. Read more…


TTI designs and develops RF and Microwave modules/equipment from UHF/VHF frequency bands up to Ka band: Power Amplifiers (SSPA/BUC), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA/LNB), Converters, Transceivers, Phase Shifters, Filters, Oscillators, etc… Read more…


Development of equipment to operate at cryogenic temperatures until 4K (-269ºC), mainly for lab cryostats and low noise amplifiers (LNAs).
Read more…

Communication Systems

Development of end-to-end wideband communication solutions based on customized developments or on commercial products. Read more…

TTI designs and develops radiofrequency and microwave equipment for different purposes including extreme conditions such as temperatures bellow 4ºK (-269ºC) in cryogenic applications. TTI designs and develops customized antennas up to Ka band, including planar antennas for on-the-move satellite communications. Furthermore, TTI provides customized point-to-point broadband communication solutions based on new developments or commercial equipments.

TTI is able to provide engineering services “on site” at customer’s facilities, involving transferring specialized personnel and fast integration in customer working teams.