TTI Headquarters located in the technological park of Santander
Since 1996 TTI has been headquartered in the city of Santander (Spain) and since 2009 TTI has had its own building on the Scientific and Technological Park of Cantabria (PCTCAN)  TTI HQ is supported by facilities in Madrid and Seville allowing for regular and close contact with customers in Madrid and the South of Spain.

A well-equipped facilities base in Santander allows TTI to undertake the design, fabrication and integration of communication equipments, meeting aggressive deadlines while delivering high quality products. TTI is certificated according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard:

  1. Design: Design software tools and simulators.
  2. Fabrication: Machines and equipment for mechanics and PCB manufacture
  3. Integration: Component assembly
  4. Measurements: Anechoic chamber and RF & Microwave Labs.

RF and Microwave Laboratory

TTI laboratory equipment set can measure up to 40 GHz; it includes Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Noise Figure Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, specific Calibration Kits, Supply Sources…

Clean Room

TTI has a class 1:10.000 Clean Room for chips bonding. It includes MMICs mounting facilities: die bonding with epoxy dispenser tool, Wedge & Capillary wire (deep access) & Ball bonding (magnification 200X), Conductive and non-conductive space-qualified epoxies, High resolution microscope (1200X) with polarizer to avoid reflected light, PID controlled heating system, etc.

Production Area

TTI can produce PCBs and mechanical pieces. The production equipment set includes: Pick&Place tools, PCB drilling equipment (LPKF PROTOMAT), Ultrasound Cleaning system and a mechanical workshop including (CNC) drilling machine. TTI has specific areas dedicated to component soldering and inspection.

Anechoic Chamber

Large Anechoic chamber (11m x 6m x 5m) with measurement capabilities up to 40 GHz. This chamber is equipped with the latest generation of control and post processing software, as well as automatic arrays calibration tools. TTI offers its customers the possibility to use the anechoic chamber, at a pay-per use very competitive price.

Cryogenic Laboratory

TTI has Cryogenic testing and characterizing facilities, including reconfigurable laboratory cryostats up to 10ºK (-263ºC) with automatic measurement system of scattering parameters and noise temperature.