TTI develops equipment including laboratory cryostats and cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) to operate at cryogenic temperatures down to 4k (-269 degrees C)

Lab cryostats

TTI’s product portfolio includes reconfigurable cryostats, the main characteristics of these products are:

  • closed cycle operation (does not require refilling with helium)
  • internal dewar temperature down to 4K
  • high temperature stability over 24 hours
  • automatic cycles and remote operation
  • hermetic customised interfaces in DC and RF
  • servo-controlled power supply
  • internal wiring and external interconnections
  • cooling / heating system (under 3-5 hours)

Low Noise Amplifiers

Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers are based upon GaAs, InP HEMT or hybrid technologies.  They offer stability with gain ranges from 33-39 dB and noise temperatures below 5K at 15K.

TTI develops cryogenic LNAs at:

  • S-band (2,21 – 2,35GHz)
  • C-band (4 – 8 GHz)
  • X-band (8,15 – 8, 63 GHz)

TTI can integrate and deliver substantial scientific experiments based on specific requirements or existing designs. Integratable elements include: cryostats, LNAs, antennas, reception chains, control systems and power supplies.