I-SHM offers an alternative solution to optical fiber networks of great length for monitoring aeroplanes structures. The aim of the project is to develop overall solution, so that it is focused in several subsystems:

  • Development of a specific interrogator module with low consumption, small dimensions and able to operate over optical fiber with a limited number of sensors.
  • Development of a wireless communications network.
  • Development of communications protocols and monitoring software.

These developments will be validated through a demonstrator fabricated in the frame of this project. This demonstrator will allow validating the communications protocols, showing the use of structural sensors based on Bragg networks and its availability to be integrated in a wireless network.

TTI role:
TTI leads and coordinates the Project, and it is responsible for defining the system requirements, and for developing the data interface module and the demonstrator. Furthermore, TTI takes an active part in the development of the wireless network and the communication protocols.