MIMAX aims at developing a pervasive, low-power and low-cost MIMO network platform with reliable data-rate of up to 100 Mb/s in environments with strong multi-path and coverage ranges up to several hundred meters.

Wifi antenna array with low correlation between items used in TTI project mimaxThe current state-of-the-art performs the combining and processing of the complex antenna signal in the base band. Since complete transmitter and receiver paths are required for each path, the resulting power consumption and costs of conventional MIMO approaches limit applications for ubiquitous networks. Novel topologies are applied to solve the challenges concerning phase and amplitude control accuracy, reliability and power consumption. Moreover, novel opportunistic MIMO approaches with single antenna path in the receiver and time-multiplexed signal combining will be studied.

The platform will be implemented on basis of existing WLAN standards. Further goals of the project comprise the development of the control units, the base band signal processing including MAC aspects, antenna arrays and smart MIMO algorithms.

TTI role:
TTI is responsible for the architectural and detailed design, as well as the development and testing of the integrated antenna array, plus the various integration aspects of the transceiver front-end and antenna.