Ka Band

TTI has developed a family of Ka band products, among which stand out:


Block Up Converters family, which make the signal up conversion from a Modem’s L band output into Ka band frequency in order to perform a terrestrial or satellite communication link. The Ka-band BUC Series are available in output powers up to 120W and include optional lineariser in order to improve efficiency.


Outdoor solid state power amplifiers operating between 25.25 and 31 GHz. Intended for satellite up-link communications, they provide the capability of remote Monitoring and Control and include optional lineriser in order to improve efficiency. The amplifiers offer wide range of output powers up to 120W.


Low Noise Blocks which convert the satellite signal from Ka band to L band (1-2 GHz). These equipments have a minimum gain of 60 dB, and a noise figure lower than 1.5 dB. They provide a combination of superior performance and reliability.


Low noise amplifiers which operate between 22.55 and 23.55 GHz with a gain higher than 50dB for 2.2dB of noise figure at 25ºC