A new ISO 7 Cleanroom at Santander facilities for assembling and validating RF products

A new ISO 7 Cleanroom at Santander facilities

TTI opens its new certified ISO 7 Cleanroom at Santander facilities, that will add to TTI the capability of integrating and validating RF products in controlled environmental conditions.

A tiny particle of dust can be very damaging for product performance, which is why TTI cannot risk particulate contamination when manufacturing and validating our RF products in projects in which it is required to ensure an environmental stability during the product assembly and validation. The ISO 7 clean room has been specifically designed to maintain extremely low levels of dust particulates considering the expected workflow and our internal processes.

A cleanroom size of 47 m2 which can be adapted to production needs and validation requirements for qualified products and/or flight models for Space, Aeronautics and Defence sectors.

An inherent risk in electronic production is the Electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD damage affects electronic components, is typically non-visible and may even pass through final product testing. By setting up and correctly using an ESD Protected Area (EPA), the level of failures during production and later in the product life will be minimised. This clean room has been designed to be an EPA for guaranteeing protection against the effects of static during whole the production and validation processes of TTI products.

Our electronics assembly cleanroom provides:

HEPA filtration
Positive/negative air pressure
Temperature and humidity control
Monitoring application
ESD safe equipment, personnel, and furniture.