Automated Tests and Operational Monitoring System

Software Framework for Monitoring and Automated Test Systems: ATOMS

ATOMS is a customizable software framework well-suited for implementation of Ground Station Control and Automated Tests Systems. It is a generic solution with a common, modular, flexible and configurable architecture that can be adapted to different systems, stations, equipment, missions and operational scenarios in an agile way. The Customer System Applications are built by means of customization of the powerful ATOMS Database and the built-in modules and functionalities.

The main functional modules of ATOMS are: Graphic User Interface (GUI) module, Database (DDBB) module and Service module. The use of ATOMS eases considerably the implementation of any Monitoring and Automated Test Software since most of the interfaces, procedures, drivers and GUI facilities are already present in the tool.

The following main characteristics can be found on ATOMS:

Scalable system by means of Database Configuration. It can implement systems of different size; from equipment up to station level.
Test and simulation functionalities: equipment drivers can be run in simulation mode in order to replay scenarios with simulated monitoring data.
User friendly and customizable GUI (Graphic User Interface). The GUI is the operator interface for system operation.
Provides integration with upper levels supervisory Systems and customer interfaces.
Integrates a procedures engine. It can perform high level tasks involving several equipment, producing associated service reports.
Capacity to process ephemeris files (e.g. OEM, TLE or STDM) to characterise a satellite Access.
Integrates a scheduler so procedures/task execution can be programmed and triggered based on absolute or relative time (e.g. AOS or LOS).
Multiplatform Operating System (Windows, Linux).Can run on Virtual Machines (VM).

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