"Circuits and Systems for RF-MIMO WLAN" wins best invited paper at ISIT 2011

Circuits & Systems for RF-MIMO WLAN

Authors: Z. Stamenkovic, K. Tittelbach-Helmrich, R. Kraemer, S. Ruiz (TTI), O. Gago (TTI), J. Ibanez, I. Santamaria,M. Wickert, and R. Eickhoff

This paper, published by TTI (Spain), University of Cantabria (Sapin), IHP (Germany) and University of Dresden (Germany), describes the concept of a MIMO RF front-end based wireless LAN system (called MIMAX), the verification of the individual subsystems and the results of the final tests. The MAC and baseband processors have been designed, implemented, and verified. The transmitter and receiver of the analog front-end have been designed, fabricated, and separately verified. The system demonstrator in laptop form factor has been presented.

The goal achieved by this research (MIMAX) is the development of a demonstration system to test and validate the concept MIMAX in real scenarios, considering only short distances WLAN. The advantages of this system have been highlighted compared with standard methods used in the 802.11n WLAN, WiMAX or LTE.
TTI has designed and developed MIMAX antenna array, keeping low correlation between elements. Furthermore, TTI has designed and developed the RF control unit, interface between RF front-end and the baseband, module in charge of implementing MIMO algorithms.

The paper has been selected as the best paper and invited to be presented at 2nd International Symposium on Innovation and Technology (www.iiitec.org)