Consulting Engineering Services

Engineering Services

We analyze your needs and provide the optimum engineering profiles and solutions. We integrate into your team to meet your needs as issues arise. We have flexibility to provide engineering support at your premises or in our own facilities across Europe. We customize the technical teams to your constraints (schedule, budget, location, follow-up growth). We care about customers and staff, devoting the right resources to cope with customer liaison and with our employees.

We are experts offering consulting engineering services in the following technological domains:



Power Electronics


Systems Engineering

Systems Integration


Measurements in Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber

Our facilities include a large anechoic chamber equipped with the latest generation of control and post processing software as well as automatic arrays calibration tools.

Celestia TTI offers its customers the possibility to use the anechoic chamber, at a pay-per use very competitive price.

Within this service, we can provide antenna testing definition, measurements up to 40GHz, results analysis and validation engineering.

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