Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers

For Radio Astronomy, Space Communications & Quantum Applications

Celestia TTI is a world renowned supplier of Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers (Cryo LNAs) technologies for Radio Astronomy, Space Communications and Quantum Applications.

Very low Noise Figure
Cutting edge performance
Extremely stable and highly reliable
Hundreds of units delivered worldwide

Product portfolio

Type Frequency Noise Figure Datasheet
W band
Cryo LNA 72-116 GHz 31 K (avg) Request
Q band
Cryo LNA 31-50 GHz 14 K (avg) Request
K-Ka band
Cryo LNA 18-32.4 GHz 8 K (avg) Request
C-Ka band
Cryo LNA 4-20 GHz 4.7 K (avg) Coming soon
X band
Cryo LNA 8.4-8.5 GHz <3 K Download
Cryo LNA 8-9 GHz <4 K Download
C-X band
Cryo LNA 4-12 GHz 5.1 K (avg) Request
Cryo LNA 4-12 GHz 5 K (avg) Download
Cryo LNA 2-18 GHz 4.8 K (avg) Request
C band
Cryo LNA 5.7-6.3 GHz <2.5 K Download
Cryo LNA 4-8 GHz  <3.5 K Download
Cryo LNA 4-8 GHz (low power) <4 K Download
S band
Cryo LNA 2.3-4.8 GHz <3.5 K Download
Cryo LNA 2-4.5 GHz <3 K Download
UHF-S band
Cryo LNA 0.3-3.3 GHz 5 K (avg) Request
Cryo LNA 0.1-1.1 GHz 4.5 K (avg) Request

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