ESA visit us to close out the XATACA project for ESTRACK

On track with ESTRACK

It was a great pleasure to be able to welcome Filippo Concaro from ESA who visited us last week for a progress update on a project TTI is delivering for ESTRACK, ESA’s tracking station network.

For several months now, TTI has been working on the design, manufacture and measurement of an upgrade of the X/X Band feeder, improving auto tracking for X-Band LEOPs. Once deployed, this powerful new tracking coupler will replace the now obsolete system currently installed in the 15m antenna ESTRACK KRU-1 and possibly KRU-1 XAA and KIR-1 network.

As the project represents a major step forward for ESTRACK, the global system of ground stations providing links between satellites in orbit and ESOC, the European Space Operations Centre, in Darmstadt, Germany, we are pleased to say we passed the factory acceptance test here in Santander with flying colours.

“With this project, we continue with a promising and fruitful line of work based on a solid and near relationship with ESA” says PhD Ignacio Montesinos, Technical Manager of TTI Antennas Department. “It is important to TTI to be consolidated as a regular trustable supplier of ad-hoc solutions for ESA.” he says.

“ESA is very satisfied of the achieved results, the professionalism of the TTI personnel and the proactive collaboration and is eager to install the new feed to demonstrate the improved operational capabilities.” says Filippo, ESA Technical Officer, Ground Station Antenna & Infrastructure Section (HSO/GSA).