Feeders and Antenna Systems

Celestia TTI is a reference supplier for radio-astronomy applications and deep space stations

Celestia TTI team has great experience in the design of customized feeders and antenna systems for several applications, among which stand reflector feeding, anechoic chamber CATR and near field feeding or antennas for reference. We can take care of the whole process, from the requirements detailed specification to the final commissioning, going through the design, manufacturing and characterization of your antenna.

Celestia TTI customization includes your frequency range, polarization, crosspolar discrimination, gain or beamwidth, and fulfilling all your additional electrical and mechanical requirements. Celestia TTI can provide several types of custom feeders and antenna products, including reflectors, axially and radial corrugated feed horns, open-ended rectangular waveguides, pyramidal horns, dual and quad-rigde horns or log periodic dipole arrays, among others.

As a reference supplier for radio-astronomy applications and deep space stations, we have expertise in very challenging custom solutions in the most cost effective way: broadband, dual linear or circular polarizations, high gain or high crosspolar discrimination, and always mechanically optimized to fit your size and weight requirements.

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