Ground Stations Monitoring and Control Systems

Flexible, scalable and robust solutions for M&C

Celestia TTI is specialized in the development of flexible, scalable and robust solutions for Monitoring, Control & Management of complex infrastructures. We provide integrated management of all M&C services, including conventional and intelligent sensors at fixed locations or on board mobile platforms. We are experts in advanced HMI development and focus our M&C systems in automation and remote operation.

Specific systems we already have for Ground Segment could be adapted to your needs:

Front-End Controller (FEC): intelligent subsystem controller used for the monitoring and control of the front-end equipment and antennas of the Ground Station. FEC provides some critical functions required for establishing and maintaining the communication with the spacecraft, as a result of decades of experience collected in system design, flight dynamics and ground station engineering. It can be tailored to any antenna and front-end (not tied to any antenna manufacturer) and has also been adapted to control telescopes.
Central Station Monitor & Control system (CSMC): application intended for ground stations management. CSMC allows the ground station to support fully automated operations and provides full access to the station from a remote operations network. It provides utilities for mission-oriented configuration and multi-mission support such as support of multi-antenna sites, support of parallel operations and resource management, for optimal exploitation of both, simple and complex multi-antenna and multi-chain ground stations. It can be adapted to any kind of ground station through a tailoring process.

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