Particle Accelerators Applications

High tech solutions in four different areas:

SSPAs – Solid state high power amplifiers
RF Passive devices & Electronics
Cryostats & Cryocoolers
Turn-key systems

In contact with top research facilities and participating in current most relevant scientific programs, our staff has years of experience in particle accelerator activities being able to manage and lead complex projects from the conceptual design phase up to the final production.

Celestia TTI´s added value:

From R&D and prototyping up to industrial production
In-house facilities to carry on production, tests and operative measurements
Reliable products delivered on time and at competitive price
Industrial quality control, high reliability and compliance with tight technical specifications and stringent time schedules

SSPAs Design;Production

SSPAs – Design and Production of Tailor Made most Efficient Solid State Power Amplifiers in the Market.

High Efficiency solutions (up to 60%)
Real Graceful Degradation
High Output Powers
Frequency bands from tens of MHz to GHz
Flexible architectures
CW or/and Pulsed modes operation options
Water & Air cooling

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