Turn Key Phase Array Antenna Systems

Celestia TTI develops phase array antenna systems for Multi Satellite tracking. Ground breaking technology for satellite ground station infrastructures. Gateways based in beam forming technologies capable of tracking simultaneous satellites optimizing capital investment. Key applications are TT&C and Satellite Communications in S/X/Ka bands, and Galileo Search & Rescue in L band.

MEGA is the new version of TTI MEOLUT phase array antenna for multi-beam electronic tracking of Galileo satellites for SAR service.

MEGA Advantages for MEOLUT

4 MEOLUT dishes replacement
Planar antenna, zero moving no pointing needed
Full compatible with SAR systems from GNSS of Galileo, Glonass & GPS
Reception and processing up to 6 signals simultaneously
Improve throughput and localisation accuracy
Redundancy and disponibility
Reliable, easy maintenance, no re-calibration

MEGA phase array antenna is able to predict presence and pointing directions of beams given the array and feeding complex vector.

More info about our Turn Key Phase Array Antennas

Type Description Frequency Datasheet
PA Meolut multi-beam electronic antenna (MEGA) L Download

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