Q Band SSPAs & BUCs

Q band SSPAs & BUCs for load pull & satellite communitacions



State of the art Q band power amplifiers based on solid state technology. The frequency bands could be up to 47GHz and different output powers are available. Unique Q band SSPAs in the market for SATCOM and laboratory applications.

Options for indoor and outdoor operation, with full M&C capability provided through RS-485 or Ethernet.

Product portfolio

Q band BUC 25 W @ 43-43.5 GHz
Q band SSPA 25 W @ 45-46.5 GHz
Q band SSPA 12 W @ 39-40 GHz

Alternative configurations for Q band SSPAs & BUCs are available upon request.

More info about our Q Band SSPAs & BUCs

Type Technology Psat Frequency Datasheet
Q band Outdoor
SSPA GaAs 25 W 45-46.5 GHz Download
BUC GaAs 25 W 43-43.5 GHz Download

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