Radio Astronomy Receivers

Radio Astronomy Receivers, components and SSPAs

Celestia TTI provides individual RF components i.e. feeders, polarisers, OMTs, diplexers…, cryostats of volumes up to 1m3 and cooling temperatures down to 4K, and cryogenic and warms Low Noise Amplifiers for Radio Astronomy receivers.

Celestia TTI also develops turnkey low noise, highly integrated Radio Astronomy receivers for both cryogenic and uncooled applications, including design, manufacturing and installation.

Specifically for deep space stations, Celestia TTI has a wide range of High Power Amplifier solutions based on solid state technology (SSPAs). They are outstanding modular solutions based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, with key features like graceful degradation, low power consumption, hot swappable, high reliability, and significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. A wide portfolio of high power SSPAs in different frequency bands (i.e. S, X and Ka bands).

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