Tecnonologías Avanzadas para SIstemas críticos de vuelo para UAS

The vision

The overall objective of the TASI-UAS project is the definition and development of new technologies for category specific UAS flight critical systems.

  • On-board Mode-S/ADS-B transponder/interrogator system making use of the European satellite positioning system (Galileo) and integrating Network Identification.
  • Intelligent power management system enhancing the safety of UAS operations.
  • Cooperative ‘Sense&Avoid’ system including integration of autonomous functionalities on the UAS autopilot for BVLOS operations.
  • Advanced monitoring system for aircraft integrity and in-flight operation of the UAS.
  • Integration and validation of critical systems in laboratory and controlled environment for BVLOS operations.

TTI will lead the implementation of the TASI-UAS Project as well as be the responsible for the development of new GNSS-based transponders and on-board interrogators.

  1. Design of a Galileo/EGNOS-based precise positioning subsystem for UAVs. TTI will design, develop and integrate an on-board equipment in the aircraft that will obtain the GNSS navigation and positioning signal through the Galileo satellite constellation and, in turn, process and correct this signal with the data obtained from EGNOS. This processing will result in an accurate positioning signal, mainly in altitude, which will be used by the transponder/interrogator. This development will be in line with the new European objective of Single European Sky.
  2. Design of an on-board transponder/interrogator system on UAVs compatible with conventional aviation. This equipment is one of the main objectives of the TASI-UAS project and one of its most important innovations. It is the system responsible for obtaining information about other airspace users and, at the same time, for identifying the aircraft in the airspace, i.e., for making the aircraft visible to other users. In addition, it will integrate network identification technology, responsible for identifying the aircraft in U-Space environments through the mobile phone network. The equipment will be based on a mode S transponder and ADS-B technology equipment, both technologies used in common aviation. This system will integrate the above technologies, allowing the detection of the aircraft in a wide range of scenarios and by a variety of air traffic management systems, both ATM and UTM/U-Space.

Project data

Duration: 28 months
Start date: September 2021
Partners: TTI Norte S.L., Abionica Aolutions S.P.L., TEMAI Ingenieros S.L. and CATUAV S.L.
Call: Programa Tecnológico Aeronáutico – PTA PYMES. Subvencionado por CDTI.
Expedient number: EXP 00143266 / PTAP-20211002