Development of new tracking system to improve ESA’s tracking station network ESTRACK

The project comprised the development of an X-Band monopulse Tracking Coupler System for the ESA 15 m antennas network (KRU-1, KRU-1 XAA, KIR-1), with Tx and Rx capabilities.

TTI performed the design, manufacturing and testing of a first unit, that was successfully installed in KRU-1 station, substituting an obsolete tracking system.

In XATACA project, TTI designed a dual circular polarized monopulse tracking system working both in Tx and Rx (7.145-7.25 GHz & 8.025-8.5 GHz) frequency bands, with high power handling capabilities (> 1KW CW), loss insertion loss and with low axial ratio (< 0.7 dB).

First prototype was successfully manufactured and tested in TTI, obtaining an excellent matching, both in laboratory and in radiation parameters, with simulation results.

The tracking radiation pattern exhibits a null depth better than 35 dB for all RX frequencies with a null staticity of 0.15º.

Project data

Duration: 14 months
Start date: April 2021