RF Communication Systems

Superior quality, innovative technology, and competitive services

Leading supplier of RF equipment, Celestia TTI is committed to delivering customized active RF solutions with superior quality, innovative technology, and competitive services. Based on your requirements, we design, develop, manufacture, test and validate radiofrequency systems and subsystems (TTI branded or OEM).

SSPAs: Solid State Power Amplifiers in a very wide range of output powers, from L band up to Q band. We can design SSPAs for ground segment solutions (communications terminals, radar, stations) or spaceborne payloads.
LNAs: Room temperature and Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers from L band up to Q band.
Frequency Converters: Up Converters from IF to RF and Down Converters from RF to IF/baseband. Frequency Converters can be also integrated into SSPAs and LNAs.
RF transceivers: Radiofrequency transceivers for datalinks, designed for land-to-land, land-to air and/or air-to-air communications.

STANAG compliance

We can be compliant with STANAG. We provide leading edge designs from concept to production, following a phased development approach to ensure that all of your requirements are met and the product is optimized for manufacturing.

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