RF Management Units – SATCOM Ground Station Control Units

A flexible solution for SATCOM Ground Stations

Celestia TTI offers a wide range of products for RF interface and switching solutions typically used in SATCOM Ground Stations and Automated and Tests (ATE). The applications are for signals routing, distribution, amplification, attenuation, monitoring, filtering and frequency translation.

They can also provide additional functionalities by monitoring external signals or alarms and activation of external signals from/to external equipment thanks to the I/O interface. Typical applications are inhibit and interlock functions in the ground stations.

The units support local and remote operation through front panel and remote interface. Additionally it´s included a Web based MMI Interface in the Satcom ground station control units.

The possibility to develop custom configurations in addition to some of the key features like optimization of complex test configurations, different frequency ranges available, front panel Graphical User Interface, audible alarms and enable/disable controls, external signals monitoring and control, CE certified… make TTI´s RF management units a flexible solution for SATCOM Ground Stations.

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