Satcom On The Move antenna (SOTM)

SOTM Satcom on the Move

Move&Sat is a cost effective Ku band two way vehicular Satcom on the Move antenna (SOTM) for ground mobile broadband connectivity. Light weight and compact size integrating a high-efficiency wide band passive radiation structure with electronic polarization, full RF-transceiver (including BUC GaN 50W) and mechanical pointing & tracking system, all in a low profile (H<24cm). Move&Sat is modem agnostic and can operate with any brand.

Satellite Communications On the Move for mobile emergency communications, police, homeland security, governmental organizations, search and rescue teams, news gathering, private security, and many other on the move real-time video, voice and data applications.

TTI can also work as design house for their customers, developing tailor made designs for SOTM terminals under customer specification or upgrading existing modules (i.e. flat antenna panels, RF units or turnkey subsystems), followed by prototyping, test, validation and mass production.

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