TTI signs contract for the Construction, Installation and Commissioning of an SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging) Station at Yebes Observatory

TTI signs contract for an SLR Station at Yebes Observatory

TTI has recently signed a contract for 2.95 million euros with National Center of Geographic Information to construct, install and implement a Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Station at Yebes Observatory (Spain). The station will be high end and complement the existing installation at Yebes Observatory towards a Fundamental Geodetic Station.


The project will be led by TTI in collaboration with DIGOS Potsdam, a key technical partner with broad experience in turnkey SLR stations. The project is expected to take 27 months and it is part of YDALGO project, cofounded with FEDER funds.


An SLR station is a system of high technical complexity that involves the use of different technologies related to optics, high-precision synchronism systems, real time operation systems, specific software for data acquisition and processing, optical telescopes and optical detection systems. Satellite laser ranging is a proven geodetic technique with significant potential for important contributions to scientific studies of the earth/atmosphere/ocean system. It is the most accurate technique currently available to determine the geocentric position of an Earth satellite, allowing for the precise calibration of radar altimeters and separation of long-term instrumentation drift from secular changes in ocean topography.

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