SWARMS Integration Week in Porto, Matosinhos, Portugal

SWARMs Project

During the week of April 23rd to 27th, 2018, TTI participated in the integration and operational tests carried out in Matosinhos, specifically in the port of Leixões and the facilities of the technological center UPTEC, in the framework of the European project SWARMs (http://www.swarms.eu/).

The objective of these tests has been the verification and validation of the latest technological developments in a maritime environment using various underwater robots (3 LAUVs and 1 ROV) as part of the different phases defined before the final demonstration of the project that will take place mid June 2018, in the Trondheim fjord, Norway.

TTI, as responsible for the design and development of the SWARMS radio communications network, has provided the radio communications network with the required nodes and topology to establish and validate the bi-directional communications between the different underwater robots and the remote Command and Control Station as well as the real-time monitoring of communications status and the connected nodes/clients has been successfully validated.

SWARMs team in Porto tests