TTI sponsors "LOW EMF COMMUNICATONS AND NETWORKING" summer school hosted by UC

LEXNET Project The course, organized by LEXNET (Low EMF Exposure Future Networks) project partners, will entail 11 ground-breaking talks, in which key experts in the area will describe the novel techniques that can be used in forthcoming wireless communication technologies and networks to mitigate exposure to EMF. The course will take place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial
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LEXNET project and TTI involvement

LEXNET Project Text The LEXNET (http://www.lexnet-project.eu) project addresses key factors of human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) induced by wireless telecommunication networks and "low exposure" technologies. The wireless communication systems that are nowadays intensively used have induced fears to the general population about possible health impact. To date no adverse health effect has been established but recently the International Agency
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