The Kick Off meeting of DRAGON project was held today

The Kick Off meeting of DRAGON project was held today

Dragon project

TTI is glad to be part of the well-balanced consortium. It has complementary know-how in the relevant areas for designing and demonstrating the feasibility of a small cell cellular network architecture based on meshed D band backhaul links. The consortium is formed by VTT, Ceit, ST, Nokia Bell Labs France, Nokia Italia, University Of Pavia, AT&S, HCL Technologies, CEA-LETI, GreenWaves, Turkcell and TTI.

DRAGON will therefore secure Europe’s industrial leadership and pave the way towards innovative 5G telecommunications networks. The DRAGON project, through the exploitation of the radio spectrum in D-band (130-174.8 GHz), will overcome the constraints of current E-band wireless backhaul solutions to achieve a small-form factor and high-capacity radio solution, suitable for massive deployment that will enable bringing the speed of optical systems to backhaul systems in a cost effective way.

TTI will be involved in the project in WP4 (Base Band, Modem Core & Phase Array Management), and WP5 (Subsystem Validation and Integration Platform), with a close interaction with WP2 Radio analog front end and WP3 Antenna Technology partners.

Work plan DRAGON project