The SLOGAN kick-off meeting will take place in Santander

SLOGAN Project

The SLOGAN kick-off meeting will take place in Santander, hosted by TTI on October 16th, 2013. This kick-off meeting will be the first meeting for the project team in which different technical and management activities will be discussed.

SLOGAN project, lead by TTI, is a research project funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme. The aim of this 30 month project is to design, develop and implement a GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) for the next generation of Galileo satellites. With the increased usage of satellite communications systems, high efficiency and high output power amplifiers are required. To date, travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) have been widely used for such applications due to their high output levels and good power added efficiency. However, this technology presents several disadvantages such as low reliability and high size and weight. Due to these reasons, GaN based SSPAs are the main alternative to TWTA technology. GaN has made a breakthrough in the world of microwave electronics and therefore can offer significant advantage in space where constraints are very demanding due to the harsh environmental condition. SLOGAN project will implement a EQM GaN SSPA for replacing TWTAs in next Galileo satellites. Moreover, this project will open the door to a great variety of applications in which GaN technology will offer clear advantages over current solutions.

SLOGAN consortium gathers participants from diverse disciplines with relevant expertise in different key areas. The consortium is composed by six different partners from five different EU countries: TTI as project leader, and Alter Technology from Spain, United Monolithic Semiconductors from France, University Tor Vergata from Italy, OHB System AG from Germany and Active Space Technologies from the Netherlands.