TTI continues to innovate with Ku & DBS high power GaN SSPAs

Ku & DBS high power GaN SSPA

Here at TTI we’ve honed the design of our Ku high power GaN SSPAs and now, within the same external casing as before, you can experience more than 50% additional power (previously 200W/400W and now 325W/600W!) delivering a significant improvement of efficiency (power consumption versus output power) and best of all, the product is available at the same price as the previous model.

Another TTI breakthrough is our DBS; our earlier SSPA/BUC model performed from 250W/400W and now we can offer 300W/550W, again a significant increase in both output power and efficiency, and all within the same casing and at the same price as its predecessor!

TTI; innovating to ensure GaN DBS/SSPAs are more competitive against DBS TWTs and just right for your broadcasting applications.