TTI install the first information panel of Smart Santander Project

SMART Santander Project

TTI has installed the first panel in real-time information on available parking spaces in Santander. This panel aims to make life easier for citizens and is part of the Smart Santander, which aims to make the capital city of Cantabria in the smartest of Europe. From Tuesday, this device is installed in one of the poles of the Plaza Alfonso XIII, Somorrostro corner. At the moment, is ‘controlled’ twelve of the parking rules of that place so that if a driver wants to park there your car can know in advance the parking spaces that are free without going there to check.

The mayor of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna, the Minister for Innovation, Eduardo Arasti, and the Vice Chancellor of UC students, Emilio Eguia, found the use and operation of the panel.

Within the project Smart Santander TTI is responsible, among other things, for coordinating the installation of the sensor network and information panels. TTI has made software development that allows network information (parking information and environmental data) and send to the panel by wireless network.