TTI participates in SAN project that will provide robust and cost-efficient solutions, based on LTE and LTE-A standards

SAN Project

SAN (Survivable Ad Hoc Network and 4G and beyond) project, promoted by Celtic Plus (Eureka ICT cluster), aims at the developing of a 4G broadband mobile wireless communication system endowed with a wide range of ad-hoc and relay/mesh capabilities. SAN will provide beyond state of the art solution based on innovative concept: rapidly deployable, self configurable mobile wireless network without any need of fixed infrastructures, external control /management systems. SAN will provide a robust and cost-efficient solution, based on LTE and LTE-A standards, for rescue teams and first responders organizations in a variety of deployment scenarios when others communication networks are unavailable.

TTI is involved in the SAN project together with a consortium of 20 partners, internationally leaded by EADS Defence & Security (France), which will improve competitiveness of European and Spanish Industry in an emergent technology such as LTE.

This project is partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within “Avanza Competitividad (I+D+I)” program (Plan Avanza 2011).

Proyecto SAN Celtic LTE y LTE-A