Telecommunication networks and in particular mobile communications are increasingly contributing to global energy consumption. The EARTH proposal tackles the important issue of energy saving by enhancing the energy efficiency of mobile broadband systems thereby reducing CO2 emissions. It is a highly ambitious and unique proposal, applying an integrated approach to investigate the energy efficiency of mobile systems.

The Earth Project is focused on the energy efficiency of mobile systems

EARTH has mobilized a consortium of all major stakeholders with serious efforts committed to the development of a new generation of energy efficient products, components, deployment strategies and energy-aware network management solutions. The target of EARTH is to enhance the energy efficiency of mobile systems by a factor of at least 50% compared with the current ones. It will investigate the energy efficiency limit that is theoretically and practically achievable whilst providing high capacity and uncompromised QoS.

TTI role:
TTI works are mainly focused on activities related to RF developments. TTI will address the combination of different techniques to be more EE to develop more power efficiency RF components, and will address new enabling radio interface techniques like sleep modes. TTI will focus its implementation efforts towards the multi-RAT coordination and cooperation mechanisms for controlling and utilizing different RATs together in order to minimize used energy and optimize network utilization while satisfying QoS requirements.