For Manpacks;Satcom on the Move;Satcom on the Pause;Airborne applications

Celestia TTI develops flat antenna panels for different types of SATCOM terminals and for both commercial and military applications. TTI flat apertures are based on integrated layers to provide high efficiency and best trade-off between size, weight and power at the band of interest.

Celestia TTI flat panel antennas can be used for ground terminals (i.e. Manpacks, Satcom on the Move, Satcom on the Pause…), as well as for Satcom on the Move antennas for airborne applications. A wide range of frequency bands are available (X, Ku, Ka), as well as different materials that allow Celestia TTI to provide the most lightweight solutions in the market.

Celestia TTI delivers turnkey flat antenna panel solutions from design to mass production. Other elements like transceivers, BUCs, LNBs and, polarisers can be also supplied by Celestia TTI in addition to the antenna apertures.

Celestia TTI ´s large expertise and deep knowledge of low profile and flat antenna turnkey systems help us to have a better understanding of complete antenna solution requirements, and supply the best solution for the individual components.

More info about our Flat antenna panels

Type Description Frequency Datasheet
Panel Ultra thin panels X, Ku, Ka Request
Panel Planar apertures X, Ku, Ka Request
Panel Integrated apertures X, Ku, Ka Request

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