Outdoor Frequency Converters

Designed for outdoor operations

Up Converter Ku or DBS

External Up-Converter
Outdoor Operation
Different versions: Ku, DBS
1:1 Redundancy configuration option

The UPC-Ext is an independent up converter module that has different versions to operate in Ku band (Low or Extended Ku) or in DBS band. It is designed for outdoor operations, in order to be installed close to the GaN SSPA units. It provides information about input and output power levels as well as temperature of the module.

It could be installed in 1:1 redundancy configuration, with a fast switching time from main to back up in case of failure.

Q band Down Converter, dual channel

Key features:

Q band @ 39.3-38.8GHz
IF @ 950 – 1450 MHz
Dual channel
Outdoor operation

Alternative configurations for frequency converters are available upon request.

More info about our Frequency Converters

Type Input Freq Output Freq Datasheet
Q band
Down Converter, dual channel 39.3 – 39.8 GHz 950 – 1450 MHz Download
DBS band
Up-Converter 950 – 2.050Mhz 17.3 – 18.4GHz Download
Ku band
Up-Converter 950 – 1.450Mhz 12.75 – 13.25GHz Download
950 – 1.700Mhz 13.75 – 14.5GHz Download

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