Antenna Feeder Systems

Horns with low back radiation and low cross-polarization

OE-RWP;SL-HX-LPDA;SGH;DRHA;Radioastronomy Feeders

Linear-Polarized Horn Antennas (LPHA)

The LPHA family offers rotationally symmetric radiation patterns with low back radiation and low cross-polarization that make it excellent for satellite communications and reference antenna testing

Dual Linear Polarized Horn Antennas (DLPHA)

Using an orthomode transducer and axial corrugated horn, the DLPHA family offers dual polarization, rotationally symmetric radiation patterns and very low cross-polarization

Dual Circular Polarized corrugated cylindrical Horn Antennas (DCPHA)

Using a polarizer and an orthomode transducer, the DCPHA family offers dual circular polarization with outstanding electrical performance

Dual-Ridged Horn Antenna (DRHA)

High gain, low VSWR and high-precision that make design and manufacturing DRHA family an excellent option for EMC as reference gain antennas

Standard Gain Horn Antennas (SGHA)

The SGH family offers high gain, low cross polarization and symmetrical radiation patterns that make it excellent for reference antennas testing

Open-Ended Waveguide Probes (OE-RWP)

Low cross polarization, lightweight and high-precision design and manufacturing that make OE-RWP family excellent for antenna test range feeds

High crosspolar log Periodic Dipole Array antennas (LPDA )

With extremely lightweight and low profile structures LPDA family offer versatile solutions for time-saving in test range measurements

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Polarization Description Frequency Datasheet
Linear Single Linear-polarized horn antennas 0.55 – 170 GHz Download
Linear Dual Dual-linear polarized horn antennas 0.55 – 75 GHz Download
Circular Dual Dual-circular polarized corrugated cylindrical horn antennas 10 – 60 GHz Download
Linear Single Dual-ridged horn antenna 2 – 18 GHz Download
Linear Single Standard gain horn antennas 0.5 – 60 GHz Download
Linear Single Open-ended waveguide probes 0.49 – 110 GHz Download
Linear Single High crosspolar log periodic dipole array antennas 0.5 – 2GHz Download

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