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High Efficiency and Reliability

Intended for outdoor operation, they provide high output power in a compact packages. Signal up conversion from a Modem’s L band output into Ka band frequency to perform satellite communication link.

Broad Range of Power Levels

Celestia TTI offers an extensive range of output powers. Based on proven reliable solid-state technology and high efficiency power supplies.

Monitoring and Control

Remote M&C via serial port (RS485/Ethernet), including alarms related to temperature and local oscillator, power supply shutdown, adjustable gain and forward and reverse output power monitoring.

Key features:

High linearity
Compact enclosures
Low power consumption
Easy to maintain
Redundant configurations (1:1, 2:1)

Ka-Band SSPAs Indoor for Deep Space Ground Stations

TTI-SSPA-KA-i100W is an indoor high power solid state Power Amplifier at 34GHz.

It provides the capability of remote M&C via serial port (RS232/ RS485) or Ethernet, including capabilities like alarms related to temperature, power supply shutdown, adjustable gain, forward and reverse output power monitoring and ALC.

Key features:

Modular configuration
Graceful degradation
High reliability

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Type Technology Psat Frequency Datasheet
Ka band Outdoor
SSPA/BUC GaN 40 W 29-31 GHz Download

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